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We coordinate and procure PPE, arrange pre and post site disinfectant and cleaning services and arrange testing for your shoot-nationwide or abroad. We also coordinate testing, oversee all compliance and contact trace as needed.



  • Coordinate PCR, Rapid PCR or Rapid Antigen testing on or off site.

  • Confirm that all testing partners are CLIAA compliant.

  • Our testing partners will provide Covid-19 testing prior to anyone walking on set.

  • Coordinate health screenings to meet the standards of the CDC, and be HIPPA and ADA compliant. 


  • Determine which PPE you will use and how much to order.

  • Establish a system for the issuing, exchange and control of the use of PPE.

  • Record keeping for contact tracing investigation and advance safety logistics ensuring you have ample supplies and a proper plan in place.

  • If you wish to order PPE directly, feel free to use our discount code protectyourset here.


  • Working with disinfectant teams who are trained specifically for on-set disinfection.

  • Covid Officers will be engaged for high touch disinfection.


  • Digital app access for symptom reporting/screening and temp tracking/record keeping. This allows for automatic alerts for reported issues, is current for CDC guidelines and simplifies employee self-certification.​