Washing Hands

Stay Covid Compliant.

A company plan to wash hands, social distance and follow guidelines is a good start but each shoot needs specific, shot by shot review and mandated worksite specific plan.

There are numerous risks to factor in order to make your crew safer and secure while shooting.


We take into account city, state and federal guidelines as well as the most up to date medical information.  You can save money and resources with proper planning and we can help implement these controls.

We  provide remote or on set consults and a recommended course of action (s) and measures to mitigate risk and exposure.  

General plans do not suffice.

You need proper risk assessment and a plan to mitigate that risk on site. 

Training for production teams may also be required in managing the COVID-19 risk to give specific guidance on applying the identified controls and understanding the risks.

  • Execution of risk analysis and establishment of measures 

  • Creation of a worksite specific plan for their implementation - who, when, how, responsibility, control.

  • Pre-planning of work on site

  • Site activities

  • Prevention of cross contamination 

  • (COVID-19) Compliance Officer roles and duties (daily proactive and reactive)

  • Work offices and spaces

  • First Aid Recommendations

  • (COVID-19) PPE Requirements

  • Crew training in donning and doffing PPE, Hand Hygiene and "respiratory etiquette" 

  • Mental health and wellbeing-Consideration should be given to managing the overall level of fatigue in cast/crew through adapting scheduling patterns.

  • Production schedules and plans should take into consideration the extra time required to properly implement the measures required under this guidance.